Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bus simulator 2008

Publisher: Avanquest Software

Developer: ICE BYTES

Category: Simulation

Release Dates

Intl - 05/09/2008

Official Game Website


Bus Simulator 2008 Released from Avanquest Software
The game combines driving and business simulation in a fun and unique way


The game takes place in the fictional metropolis of Megacity. 18 different routes need to be mastered during 34 missions. To be a successful bus driver, keep to the timetable and transport as many passengers as possible, avoiding reckless driving and lateness to maintain an impeccable reputation in the neighbourhood. There are 8 different bus models to choose from with more available to download online.

If the timetable is adhered to and enough tickets sold, the necessary cash flow to run the bus company is accumulated. Once in charge of the bus company the player can rent or buy larger buses but must take steps to maintain the vehicles. There is also the option to invest in advertising campaigns and special offers to attract more customers. Other business elements such as renting advertising spaces on the buses can be a useful way to generate extra cash flow.


  • Huge and well detailed city model with traffic and pedestrians
  • Different view modes including overhead and cockpit (driver)
  • Different weather conditions and times of day
  • Online score tables
  • Easy to use interface

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Call of Duty 5 WWII-bound

Treyarch, the development team responsible for the decent Call of Duty 3, has clearly already spearheaded development on its next project, Call of Duty 5. The recently released Call of Duty 4 brought modern warfare to the table, but apparently Treyarch has eschewed the idea of emulating the awe-inspiring title. Instead, they are vying once again to create a WWII shooter, if a job ad on their website is accurate.

They're searching for a level builder who has “working experience with First-Person Shooter or Third-Person Shooter genres,” adding that “if you’re a fan of World War II shooters, then even better!”

We're fairly positive that 99% of people will not be pleased by this news - primarily due to the awesomeness that emanated from every megabyte of COD4.

We'll let you know if the listing does indeed imply what it seems to.

Relesing Date of this game for PC is still unknown!!!

Its should be in the begining of 2009.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Gamespy Interviews J. Allen Brack

Here's one more tidbit of WoTLK information for you, courtesy of Gamespy. They sat down for an interview with co-lead design J. Allen Brack. Most of the information is stuff we've heard in the past or have already posted on in this morning's massive flurry, but it's always nice to get a peek into the brain of the folks who bring us this amazing game.

Among some of the things discussed by J. Allen Brack and Gamespy:

  • Flying Mounts are gone until level 77, at which point you will either complete a quest or a visit a trainer to be able to use them again. You will still not be able to use the mounts in the old world, so even though Naxxramas is on Azeroth, your flying mount will not be able to cross back over the sea to visit the old stomping grounds. The Old World was designed using too many graphical shortcuts in places people were not meant to access to allow flying mounts.
  • They have recieved massive positive feedback so far about the return to Azeroth and the old traditional fantasy as opposed to the sci-fi feel of the Burning Crusade. In that same vein, they are bringing back many familiar sights and storylines from Old Azeroth. Sholozar Basin will be Un'goro 2.0, complete with crystals and pylons. No word on whether it will also contain more Land of the Lost and Nintendo references. It will also contain some of the flavors of Stranglethorn and the old Netherstorm biodomes, says J. Allen.
  • In a similar vein, we can expect to see more of the ever-popular Scarlet Crusade, this time in the form of the Scarlet Onslaught. The Worgen are back in homage to the Sons of Arugal and Shadowfang Keep.
  • While the city of Dalaran will be headed up to WoTLK, don't expect to see nothing but a hole in the ground where it used to be in Alterac. J. Allen reveals that they do have plans for the spot, and the concept drawings they have for it look very cool.
  • The Dragonblight, J. Allen Brack said, is probably his favorite new piece of content for the expansion. It is where the Dragons were born, where they recieved sentience from the Titans, and where they come to die, and where the Lich King has been twisting Dragon corpses to serve him as Frost Wyrms, so there's a lot of great lore and history there. It will include a raid instance called the Chamber of the Aspects, and while no bosses have been designed for it yet, it will probably have bosses representing each of the Dragonflights.

It sounds like the developers are nearly as excited about WoTLK as we are, which is usually a good sign of things to come. We hope you've enjoyed all this awesome new information we've found for you tonight. There may be more to come, so stay tuned as we scour all the latest news.